Best Green Initiative Award: STM's Green Stance Gains International Recognition

STM was awarded the Best Green Initiative Award at the MetroRail Gala. To win this international award, the STM banked on the fact that sustainability is an integral part of the company’s corporate mission. Even though the métro is entirely powered by hydroelectricity, a green source of energy, and that it’s ecological footprint is one of the lowest among all métro systems, several other actions have contributed to improving the STM’s sustainability results. And there is still more to distinguish the STM from other métros around the world.

The waste management program

Some 336 double-sided waste recovery islands, one side for trash and the other for collecting recyclable matter, were installed in the entrance and mezzanine levels of métro stations. This environmental stance has produced significant results: recyclable matter in trash bins has been reduced from 62 percent to 31 percent, while the ratio of recovered paper products has risen from 81 percent to 96 percent with a low contamination level.

Energy-efficient stationary equipment

In métro stations, the STM continued deploying its energy-efficiency program with the installation of a system of energy-saving standby speed and high-performance motors on 25 escalators.

New métro cars and métro maintenance shop

The MPM-10 project bureau is responsible for acquiring the 468 new métro cars and for adapting the métro’s infrastructure and stationary equipment needed for deploying the new rolling stock in STM installations. The new cars will offer more space for passengers, more comfort and better ventilation. The contract awarded in 2010 for the cars scheduled for delivery in 2014 includes requirements that meet the highest standards in terms of environmental footprint.

Adapting the maintenance shop for the physical and technological requirements of the new rolling stock using a sustainable approach, the STM is undertaking a major refit by integrating design criteria pertaining to water reclamation and energy efficiency, among others, in order to obtain a LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Every passenger counts for the planet

With its recent campaigns targeted at transit user in Montréal, the STM has helped an increasing number of Montrealers to make a habit of using public transportation. This environmental stance will continue throughout the year, supported by the recent international recognition.

Green CEO

The STM’s chief executive officer, Yves Devin, also won the PDG Vert award in the public administration category from business magazine Les Affaires and the firm TREBORA Conseil, last February.

Sustainability report

Lastly, the STM identifies its environmental actions in an annual report available at