US High Speed Rail Association

USHSR Applauds California Governor for New HSR Business Plan

The US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR) commends Gov. Jerry Brown and the California High Speed Rail Authority for its new, more realistic business plan for building the state's visionary high-speed rail system. The plan lays out a process for moving forward with the much needed state-wide rail project with a more realistic price tag of $68.4 billion, and a faster schedule.

"We commend Gov. Brown for his continued leadership on this important transportation project that will bring California into the 21st century," said USHSR President Andy Kunz. "There's no more time to delay, gas prices are rising every day. This project must now move forward to construction — there are many private companies standing by ready to bid, invest and build the future of California — creating jobs and a new form of efficient transportation for the entire state." added Kunz.

USHSR has long been a supporter of the California High Speed Rail project as one of the most important systems in the country. Its a Special Project of National Significance worthy of ongoing federal funding. It's the largest and most advanced HSR project in the nation, with widespread public and business support. It's already creating jobs, and will quickly become a national demonstration project for advanced HSR technology in America. Given its location near Silicon Valley, this could lead to the launch of a new high tech industry. California will be the first test of 220 mph trains on American soil, quickly advancing the nation from last place to first place in global state-of-the-art HSR.

California needs this new rail system because the state has the worst congestion in America, with little possibility or money for expanding the state's freeways. With California's population expected to double, HSR is the only feasible transportation solution that can scale up to meet the mobility demands of today and tomorrow. California is the eigth largest economy in the world, and represents more than 13 percent of the U.S. economy. The state needs a modern, efficient transportation system, and building this HSR system will be far cheaper than more roads or runways, and will deliver high-capacity, fast mobility not subject to congestion like other modes. Since HSR is electrically powered, it will help cushion the state from rising gas prices while lowering our dependence on foreign oil.

As the nation enters a new era of tight budgets, high energy prices, and paralyzing congestion, HSR will play an important role in California and across America by delivering new transportation options that save the nation time, money, and energy.