NRF Welcomes Transportation Vote But Urges Long-Term Fix

The National Retail Federation welcomed last week's votes by the House and Senate to pass a short-term extension of federal transportation funding but urged both chambers to move as quickly as possible on a long-term bill after returning from their Easter recess.

"It's important that transportation projects not be left in limbo but that doesn't lessen the need to pass a long-term funding bill that will let the businesses that rely on our nation's transportation infrastructure make long-term decisions," NRF Senior Vice President for Government Relations David French said. "Whether it's construction workers building roads and bridges or retail workers who need to get merchandise to their stores, too many jobs are at stake to fund transportation a few weeks or months at a time. We need a solution that provides certainty about the future."

After months of debate over a two-year plan passed by the Senate and a five-year plan being considered by the House, both chambers today voted for a short-term 90-day extension of current transportation funding that is set to expire on Saturday. The bill now goes to President Obama for his signature. Retailers represent the nation's largest shippers and rely on an efficient infrastructure system to be able to get consumer goods to store shelves.