Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier MITRAC Powerlab Opens in Sweden

Bombardier Transportation has opened its second state-of-the-art development and test laboratory. The Bombardier Mitrac Powerlab at its site in Västerås, Sweden, is Bombardier's central competence centre for medium power propulsion technology. The investment demonstrates Bombardier's commitment to Sweden as a location of research and manufacturing excellence with its long history of railway related business.

The cutting-edge technologies developed by Bombardier Transportation in Västerås are in operation around the world, including Mitrac propulsion and controls in metros, commuter, regional and high speed trains. The establishment of the Mitrac Powerlab is a vital step in meeting increasing customer demand in terms of reliability and efficency. It follows the inauguration of the first Powerlab in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2009. Both labs enable Bombardier's engineers to develop and improve its products and to run extensive tests prior to commisioning, shortening the time to market. System tests comprising transformers, traction, auxiliary converters, motors, gearboxes and electronics ensure safe and reliable performance once installed in rail vehicles.

The new development and test laboratory also enables Bombardier to perform additional tests to ensure international standards on noise abatement, electromagnetic compability and energy efficiency are met, as well as increasing the number of parallel tests. It is located inside the existing production facilities in Västerås to ensure effective cooperation between engineering and manufacturing departments.

Per Allmer, president Propulsion and Controls, Bombardier Transportation, said: "Our Powerlabs are an important element in ensuring maximum reliability and minimum operational costs for our customers around the world. With the new Mitrac Powerlab, we are also underlining the importance of our competence centre in Västerås. Bombardier's Swedish rail expertise will continue playing a leading role worldwide. Moreover, we remain dedicated to offering innovative transport solutions to the Nordic markets."