Hundreds Rally to Support Transportation Funding in Washington D.C.

Leading bipartisan members of Congress joined hundreds of members of the transportation construction industry and its suppliers in Washington D.C. Tuesday to support the passage of a multi-year, fully funded transportation bill. The second annual RALLY for ROADS brings attention to the impact transportation and highway investment has on our nation's economy.

"America's infrastructure is vital to economic growth and job creation," said Kerri Leininger, a RALLY for ROADS spokesperson and the senior vice president of Government and Political Affairs for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. "America's transportation needs are too great, and its impact on the nation's economic health and well-being are too substantial to delay passage of a surface transportation bill any longer."

RALLY for ROADS is a bipartisan rally sponsored by 15 national transportation construction associations. Ten members of congress participated in the event including Chairman for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Rep. John Mica (R-FL) and Democratic Chief Deputy Whip, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Representatives from all facets of the road construction, manufacturing, services, retail, agriculture and natural resources industries joined together to support the rally.

"Deficiencies in America's surface transportation systems have cost households and businesses billions of dollars," said Leininger. "Our livelihoods depend on America's roads. The support for RALLY for ROADS from congressional and industry members highlights the importance of getting our nation's infrastructure back on track."