INIT, Innovations In Transportation Inc.

CyRide Chooses INIT for Intelligent Transportation Software

CyRide, the city transit system for Ames, Iowa, has partnered with INIT to implement a scheduling, block building and runcutting system, as well as a bid dispatch system for their agency's scheduling, staff and fleet operational needs.

The new scheduling software, MOBILE-PLAN, will streamline operations and consolidate time-intensive tasks which were previously manually performed by Ames administrative staff. The software is a modular system that completely integrates with other INIT products to ensure data consistency between scheduling, CAD/AVL and fare collection systems. CyRide currently operates 12 routes with a peak pullout of 59 buses. MOBILE-PLAN will perfectly adapt to CyRide's expected growth over the length of the contract and allow them to add vehicles to the existing fleet by easily making route changes and adding new routes.

MOBILE-PERDIS, INIT's bid dispatch system, will benefit CyRide with the ability to perform automatic or manual dispatching functions. The software streamlines dispatching making the dispatcher aware of the exact runs his drivers are assigned to. MOBILE-PERDIS automatically assigns drivers to a work schedule and runs consistency checks validating the work rules and sending the dispatcher a warning if there is an issue. The new software will give CyRide the advantage of monitoring employee performance and reviews, and has the capacity to be configured to satisfy multi-union rules.

The new contract is scheduled to kick-off on March 30, 2012, and implementation is expected to be complete by summer of 2012.