Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO)

TAPTCO Announces Availability of Free Copies of the Pedestrian Awareness Program

The Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) announced today that it will provide free of charge — Pedestrian Awareness, one of 28 programs belonging to the newly created state-of-the-art Transit Operator Development Course. TAPTCO President, Jeff Cassell explained, “It will be made available to any transit or paratransit agency or private contractor engaged in local ground passenger transportation.”

During the design and production of this comprehensive new curriculum, TAPTCO met David Sale, whose daughter, Danielle, was killed by a transit bus in Portland, Ore., in April of 2010. Sale has become a passionate advocate for transit safety, including more effective transit operator training.

“My daughter’s untimely and inexcusable death was by far the worst thing in my life. I will never get over it. The actions, or inactions, by transit drivers can lead to the worst tragedies possible. The drivers need better training and a better understanding of the consequences of their actions,” said Sale.

There are 4,000 pedestrian fatalities and 60,000 serious pedestrian injuries every year in the United States.

Sale said, “These are not just statistics. They’re real people. Each death is a tragedy that devastates the lives of families, friends and colleagues.”

Cassell further explains, “David wants to improve the safety culture at transit agencies across America and we are in the very best position to help him. We are proud to offer this program for free to help save someone’s life.”

To get your free copy of this program, please visit It will ship within a few days. Please take the time to share it with all of your operators as soon as possible. Together, we can make a difference.