Two Top Rail and Transit Experts Join Lochner

Lochner announces the appointment of William R. Mooney and William W. Millar to fill two key positions within the firm. Chicago-based Lochner is a nationally-recognized company specializing in civil and structural engineering, planning, environmental and inspection services in transportation and serving clients in rail and transit initiatives across the United States.

William R. Mooney joins Lochner as a vice president and one of the leaders of the firm’s rail- and transit-related endeavors, including alternative delivery (design–build and public–private partnerships), bus rapid transit, class I railroads, commuter, freight, high-speed, structures and urban rail. Prior to joining Lochner, Mooney served over 33 years with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the second largest transit agency in the United States, where he was appointed chief operations officer in 2007.

William W. Millar also joins the firm working with the Lochner operations and leadership teams in a senior advisory role, where his expertise will help guide and strengthen Lochner’s public transportation and rail-related strategic initiatives. Millar retired in 2011 after serving 15 years as president of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), North America’s largest and oldest professional association devoted to public transit and passenger rail.

“Bill Mooney’s wealth of practical agency service combined with Bill Millar’s stellar reputation as a world-class leader and contributor to the rail and transit industry strengthens our ability to offer our clients the most valuable rail, freight and transit solutions available,” commented James W. Bishop, P.E., president and chief executive officer at Lochner.