Radio Engineering Industries (REI)

REI Partners with Velvac to Provide Enhanced Blind Side Protection

Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI) announces partnership with Velvac, Inc. By joining forces, REI and Velvac provide a seamless integration between REI’s BUS-WATCH Mobile Video Surveillance and Velvac’s Camera-based Vision Systems, ultimately improving driver and passenger safety, mitigating risk and providing external vehicle assistance on transit, shuttle and school buses.

REI’s BUS-WATCH Mobile Video Surveillance System provides video evidence of the activities occurring with, on and around your vehicle with safety as the main concern. BUS-WATCH collects video and audio through strategically positioned, high resolution cameras with built in microphones. The BUS-WATCH System includes a digital video recorder, high resolution camera(s) and REI’s state-of-art, user-friendly software for viewing your vehicle’s location and activities.

Velvac’s Vision Systems integrate advanced CMOS cameras into the external mirror housing to offer an enhanced field of view and better visual clarity in all traffic and weather conditions. It provides the driver with dedicated views of blind spots and passing lanes around the vehicle by positioning the camera closer to the optimal height and width as identified by NHTSA; and as a result, provides the driver with an intuitive visual experience that improves safety and reduces the potential for costly and dangerous accidents. By integrating Velvac’s Vision Systems, you’re able to record more viewing angles for even greater protection and safety.