New Environmental Noise Prediction Software

Scantek, Inc., announces the new prediction software for environmental noise produced by industry, wind farms, and mechanical equipment.

Olive Tree Lab - Terrain,, Outdoor Sound Propagation Calculation Software is for small scale projects as opposed to large mapping software. It addresses mostly fixed noise sources within a small area where one has control over most of the parameters involved in the calculations

OTL Terrain-Solver (engineering level) is for engineers who want to have results without dealing with the details. Certain parameters are fixed, enabling the user to "cruise on auto pilot."

OTL Terrain-Analyser (advanced level) is aimed at professionals who wish to have extensive information and be able to manipulate calculations. It places the user in the "driver's seat."

Features include:

  • Flexible 3-D sound Mapping: Map almost anything, anywhere
  • Import/Export of DXF, Images and photos
  • Barriers of finite size with special properties
  • Accurate calculations, including reflection and diffraction. Results verified through several scientifically obtained measured data
  • Visualization and details of Sound Paths
  • Portable license. Use your license on any PC.
  • Friendly and intuitive interface. Customize your interface according to your needs
  • Export results in many formats
  • Regular and FREE updates
  • One year of FREE technical support
  • Affordable Price