Thales Launches Its New Ticketing Reader Ready For Bank Cards

Thales announces the launch of its new 500 series, platform gates and validators based on OR 500. The added value of the OR 500 reader is that it supports the most popular contactless fare media but
also bank cards. It is the fifth generation of fare collection equipment designed and manufactured by Thales.

The OR 500 successfully passed every test for EMV L1 certification*, thus joining the small community of fully compliant readers. The 500 series can be integrated in greenfield projects or as an upgrade in any regional or nationwide fare collection systems. The OR 500 will be operational by the end of 2012.

The OR 500 is the most secure reader available. Thales's expertise in cryptology guarantees maximum protection of data exchanges and equipment within the fare management system. It is also the quickest reader on the market, a key criteria for operators faced with a growing passenger flow. The 500 series includes the sharpest innovation and improvement for a comprehensive fare collection management.

Backed by more than 40 years in fare management expertise, the Thales solution is fully proven around the world and meets all the needs of bus, tram, metro and train operators. With more than 100,000 readers of previous generations in operation, the OR 500 is the latest reader and the most accomplished of its nature. Thales's fare collection systems enhance the attractiveness of public transport with seamless journeys and secure, efficient revenue collection.

* EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa. It is a global standard for the inter-operation of
integrated circuit cards and authenticates credit and debit card transactions.