One Country – One Hall: Something New From Japan at InnoTrans 2012

Japan has come up with something new at InnoTrans 2012. For the first time in the history of the international trade show for transport technology an entire exhibition hall will be occupied by a single country. Japanese companies are presenting an unprecedented range of technological innovations for the rail sector, in a concentrated and clearly arranged display at one central location. Japan's involvement in this event is just one example of the increased interest being shown by Asian companies in InnoTrans, which is taking place in Berlin Sept. 18-21.

Fears of a recession and the sovereign debt crisis are not affecting the success of this trade show. On the contrary, the number of applications already received is considerably higher than for the corresponding event two years ago. In the meantime InnoTrans has expanded to such an extent that certain individual segments have acquired the status of trade shows in their own right. In terms of display area and diversity of products each section, be it Public Transport (approximately 20,000 square metres overall), Interiors (approximately 15,000 square metres overall) or Railway Infrastructure (approximately 30,000 square metres overall), can itself now be considered a leading world trade fair. And this applies in particular to the strongest of all the segments at InnoTrans: Railway Technology (approximately 100,000 square metres overall, including outdoor display area).