Parker Filtration Canada Acquires Camfil Farr Railraod Division

Parker Filtration Canada has acquired Camfil Farr Railroad Div., a leading manufacturer of air and liquid filtration products. The acquisition closed on January 31, 2012.

The management teams at Parker and Camfil Farr Railroad's principal focus will be serving customer needs as they combine their business processes and systems. Parker Hannifin has a long and successful history of acquiring and integrating companies with a principal focus on ensuring continuing premier customer service. The railroad filtration business of Camfil Farr will become an extension of the capabilities offered by Parker's Hydraulic Filter Division.

Throughout the transition process the Camfil Farr and Hydraulic Filter Division teams are committed to providing ongoing operational excellence to their customers. By integrating Camfil Farr Railroad filtration business into the Hydraulic Filter Division, Parker will be able to offer a full complement of advanced filtration solutions for lube oil, air and fuel applications all from one company.

The new group has an official corporate name of Parker Filtration Canada Inc., but commercially and in product branding, it will be seen as "Parker Farr" as the Farr name carries a long positive history with excellent brand visibility.