Access Transit Service For People With Disabilities Unveils New 'Metro' Design

Access is changing its logo and design to make Access mini-buses look more like the Metro family brand. Access provides about 175,000 rides per year to people whose disabilities prevent their riding Metro.

A new Access bus with the new logo and design was unveiled at Easter Seals Work Resource Center on Jan. 31. About 50 workers at WRC ride Access. The new Access bus will visit other agencies that serve Access riders throughout the day to familiarize them with the new look.

Three new Access buses with the new design will be put in service by Feb. 1. As Access replaces the remainder of its 44-vehicle fleet, the community will see more new Access buses with the new look.

Until all current Access vehicles are replaced in coming years, Access buses will have two different designs: the old one with the red/blue logo and the new one with the blue/green logo.

Access is a shared-ride public transportation service, providing origin-to-destination transportation in small buses for people whose disabilities prevent them from riding Metro buses.

The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) operates Metro and Access service.