Clean Energy

President Obama Supports the Nationwide Natural Gas Highway

President Barack Obama recently spoke at the UPS Depot in Las Vegas promoting natural gas-fueled trucking as part of his "Blueprint for an economy that's built to last." In his remarks, President Obama proposed several federal initiatives favoring the use of natural gas for transportation, including getting more natural gas vehicles on the road using federal fleets and helping local governments upgrade their fleets, offering new tax incentives to help companies buy more clean trucks, working with the private sector to help develop natural gas fueling stations between cities for more natural gas corridors along our highways, and launching a competition to encourage new breakthroughs for natural gas vehicles.

Andrew Littlefair, Clean Energy president and CEO, noted that President Obama's support of interstate natural gas-fueled trucking corridors mirrored Clean Energy's commitment in 2011 to build the backbone network of 150 LNG fueling stations for its America's Natural Gas Highway providing LNG truck fueling coast-to-coast and border-to-border in the United States.

The newest Clean Energy fueling station on the Highway is located in Las Vegas nearby the UPS Depot and provides the link for trucking between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, a vital goods movement corridor in the Southwest.

For a map showing America's Natural Gas Highway and list of the first 98 LNG fueling station locations, click here.