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InSite Solutions Creates Electrical Panel Floor Marking Kit, Offers Free Samples

InSite Solutions has launched a new product, the electrical panel floor marking kit, and announced it is offering new customers the opportunity to receive one kit free. This new floor marking kit is to be used to help facilities comply with OSHA regulation 1910.303. This regulation requires that the floor in front of electrical panels be kept clear for at least 36 inches for safety reasons. manufactures Superior Mark, which is a unique floor marking tape that features beveled edges, a recessed adhesive and is specifically designed to withstand the abusive environments of industrial facilities. Superior Mark is available in pre-cut strips that allow for very rapid installation of box shaped floor markings. This floor marking kit can be installed in just a few minutes by simply cleaning the floor with alcohol, and then peeling and sticking down three pre-cut pieces of highly visible and durable tape. The floor marking kit comes with one 24-inch strip of Superior Mark, two 36 inch long pieces of Superior Mark, all featuring puzzle cut edges that seamlessly fit together. The pre-cut Superior Mark can be made in two or four inch widths, and any custom length.

Cliff Lowe designed Superior Mark floor tape as an alternative to using paint to mark the floor. Paint requires the area to be closed, and is difficult to maintain on a regular basis. Lowe's patent-pending Superior Mark material is a durable 32 mils thick pvc tape with beveled edges and a recessed adhesive. "The ease of installation makes our floor marking products very attractive to facility managers who are looking for simple solutions to keep their facility OSHA compliant," said Lowe. also specializes in custom made floor marking signs. They print any graphic, any size, and offer three different materials: vinyl, rubber,and inlaid epoxy. Floor signs are a great way to bring extra attention to the area which is required to be kept clear.

OSHA mandates that the area in front of electrical panels cannot be used for storage. This floor marking kit will clearly mark the edges of the space that needs to be kept clear to maintain OSHA compliance. Superior Mark floor tape border combined with floor signs effectively communicate the message.