Thales Awarded Communications System Contract for Montreal Metro

Thales has been awarded by Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) a contract for a communication system with high performance Broadband Radio Network.

The Thales system comprises a management system, over 250 wayside radios, onboard radios, antennas for installation throughout the tunnels and on STM's train fleet, network security devices and CCTV cameras for monitoring passenger flow at all station platforms. The system will be completed in November 2013.

The system provides a high capacity redundant coverage broadband radio network with a 99.999 percent data availability rate. It will interface with STM's existing backbone infrastructure and security systems, as well as to STM's rolling stock. The STM will use the system for critical real-time applications such as onboard CCTV, monitoring train door passenger flow, data apps and high speed roaming throughout the complete four-line 69 kilometre metro grid. Extra band capacity is included and available for future use.

"Thales's urban rail customer base for Integrated Communications and Supervision Systems (ICS) is continually growing," said Paul Kahn, president and CEO of Thales in Canada. "Our system's simplicity and scalable architecture allows more efficient operations through more effective and quicker response to service, safety and security situations. This is our first ICS project in Canada and we are very pleased to add Montreal STM to our growing global customer base."

Thales offers for train, metro or tram networks operators a full range of services that supervise and control transportation critical systems with a unique combination of performance, reliability and resilience.