Thales Car Park Management Solution for Strasbourg’s Largest Shopping Center

Thales has installed its new-generation secure car park management system at the parking facilities of Strasbourg's largest shopping center. The system includes 20 entry/exit terminals and 11 automatic pay stations.

The Thales solution encompasses all car park equipment and payment terminals and a highsecurity central supervision system. New functionality is provided for people with disabilities (voice synthesis, induction loops, easier access to commands), and payment by contactless bank card will also be available from 2012. The entire system is linked to the Strasbourg Urban Community's car park monitoring center.

Thales offers a range of car park management systems tailored to the specific requirements of shopping centers. These systems are designed to ensure the availability of car park spaces for customers, allow easy access to shops, manage staff parking spaces and delivery vehicles, deter non-shoppers from using centre car parks and propose appropriate scales of charges for each category of users.