ACS, A Xerox Company, Speeds Up How Riders of New Jersey’s Transit System Pay for Travel

Building on a successful first-of-its-kind program, NJ Transit riders can now simply wave or tap their credit or debit cards on twice as many bus routes, including buses traveling to different zones in the system.

This "contactless" payment system is now available on buses covering six different routes, including travel into New York with payments based on distance or "zones" traveled as part of the program.

ACS, A Xerox Company, and NJ Transit first launched a three route pilot in 2010. The new payment system eliminates the need for waiting in line at ticket machines and counters, allowing riders to pay and board faster.

ACS installed the system and will maintain and service all card readers, terminals and equipment, as well as host the payment platform to process transactions. ACS also handles financial management for this project.

"This innovative 'open fare' payment system makes New Jersey a leader in giving passengers the most convenient payment options which should result in increased ridership for New Jersey Transit," said Dave Amoriell, group president, ACS Transportation Solutions.

NJ Transit is also evaluating using a unique payment system for their customers with disabilities. They will be working with a select number of riders to demonstrate the viability of a rubberized wristband with an embedded contactless payment chip. These customers can wave or tap their PayPass-enabled wristband at bus readers and airport faregates for convenient access, eliminating the need to handle a card or device such as a key fob to pay for their fares.

Customers who do not have a contactless bank card can get one at a self-service kiosk at the Hoboken Station in New Jersey that dispenses, reloads and provides balance information for a MasterCard PayPass-enabled card. This prepaid debit card can be used instantly at all NJ Transit open payment points of entry including on two bus routes to and from Hoboken. Customers need only pay for the card at the kiosk and are not required to provide any personal information. They can also add value to their cards at numerous retail locations if they choose to register their card.

Also, at Penn Station in New York City, NJ Transit riders can now pay with a wave or tap of their card at ticket vending machines and ticket windows. NJ Transit also plans to work with ACS to expand this payment option at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Contactless cards will continue to be accepted at faregates at the Newark Liberty International Airport and three bus routes (6, 80, 87), as well as the three new routes (43, 81, 120).