ETA Transit Systems Announces Partnership with Radio Engineering Industries

John Maglio, president of ETA Transit Systems (ETA), announces a partnership between ETA and Radio Engineering Industries (REI) to provide a suite of intelligent transportation and mobile asset management solutions to the transit, shuttle, motor coach, and school bus industries. The combined Solution includes: computer-aided dispatch (CAD)/automatic vehicle location (AVL), traveler information, passenger information and display information systems (PIDS), video surveillance, vehicle monitoring and diagnostics.

REI, founded in 1938 and located in Omaha, Neb. manufactures high quality industrial grade electronics, audio/video passenger entertainment systems and BUS-WATCH video surveillance systems for the shuttle, motor coach, transit and school bus industries. Founded in 2003, ETA Transit Systems is a systems consulting and solutions development firm specializing in Automatic Vehicle Management Systems, CAD/AVL, Traveler Information, and Communications Systems throughout North America.

REI is happy to announce this new relationship and is confident this partnership will enhance REI’s integrated intelligent transportation systems. REI systems offer an all-encompassing mobile video surveillance system which better monitors various aspects of transit transportation, to increase safety within the confines of your transit vehicle as well as its surroundings.

REI president and owner, Scott Hays states, “This partnership allows REI the opportunity to provide a more diverse and complete transportation solution to our customers. The introduction of ETA’s SPOT platform into our diverse product suite, makes us the only company offering a complete ITS solution and mobile video surveillance turnkey solution.”

ETA president John Maglio hailed the partnership as “combining a solid, well-established manufacturer of transportation electronics with a supplier of proven, cutting-edge ITS software applications” and “a major step forward for both REI and ETA.”