SinglePoint Communications

SinglePoint Announces New Product Offerings

SinglePoint unveils two products designed to make the most of real time communication for both passengers and transit agencies and charter companies. The products, titled SingleTRAK and SingleREV, respectively, represent the latest in cutting edge technology and real-time data delivery.

SingleTRAK, powered by TransLoc, provides real-time bus and train location details via the passengers’ web browser or handheld device. Information can also be made available at the station or depot. “TransLoc is excited to work with SinglePoint to give their transit customers access to the latest passenger information tools for their riders,” says Joshua Cohen, TransLoc. “Like Wi-Fi on buses, being able to see where the bus is and when it will arrive is an excellent use of technology to improve the transit experience for riders.”

SingleREV, powered by BluePod Media, is a revolutionary business model for charter companies and transit agencies. SingleREV is an advertising offering that allows SinglePoint to initiate a revenue share program with the company or agency, in exchange for putting advertisements in front of passengers. The solution will intuitively know how to emulate the end-user’s device and deliver the proper screen size and ratio so that the ads are aesthetically pleasing.

“Bluepod Media is delighted to be appointed by SinglePoint as exclusive media marketing partner for their SingleREV proposition,” says Stefan Hohmann, co-founder, Bluepod Media. “Bluepod Media’s proven, world class location based media serving expertise is the perfect fit to SinglePoint’s technical transit Wi-Fi offering – together we can offer the most comprehensive, value-added Wi-Fi solution to transport companies across the USA.”

SinglePoint adds these new offerings to their suite of services, which currently include rugged Wi-Fi hardware, Wi-Fi analytics software solutions, and GPS tracking software. SinglePoint is the only company of its kind to offer all of these services. In addition, SinglePoint’s customers are able to choose services ala carte from the full suite of SinglePoint products.

“Times are tough for both public transit agencies and private charter companies,” explains SinglePoint vice president of Operations Bill Hawkins. “The obvious way to solve this problem is to increase ridership. To increase ridership, you must give the passenger a compelling reason to take the bus. This can only come in the form of added amenities like Wi-Fi and other services. This is where solutions like SingleTRAK and SingleREV help; by providing a valuable service to passengers and a revenue stream back to the transport entity without having to charge the end-user.”