CHK America

CHK America to Develop Pedestrian Wayfinding Map with Streetcar Diagram for New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

CHK America CEO, Rick Wood announced today that the company has been awarded a two-phased customer information design project for the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in New Orleans.

Phase One of the project kicks off with an originally-designed diagram of the city's famous streetcar network incorporated into a newly created downtown "pedestrian wayfinding map." This wayfinding tool will include unique design elements from the popular "Legible London" maps created by CHK's UK counterpart Cook, Hammond and Kell. Those elements include 3-D landmarks, "you are here" demarcations, and transit information. Paired with the wayfinding map will be 28 customer information panels placed along major transit corridor transfer points. Both the map and the corridor panels will be available at the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Annual Meeting and Expo being held in New Orleans next week.

During four event-filled days at the APTA Meeting and Expo, over 3,500 public transportation professionals from across the World will converge upon New Orleans. RTA's new pedestrian wayfinding map will be a valuable tool for all attendees as they traverse the downtown area.

"We're excited that our public transportation colleagues will be using our customer wayfinding
information during their stay in New Orleans," stated CHK America CEO, Rick Wood. "The RTA
recognizes that a combination of pedestrian wayfinding maps and best practice transit stop information, helps customers to comfortably get around downtown cores and ultimately encourages increased use of public transportation."

Upon completion of Phrase One, the project's second phase calls for another pedestrian wayfinding map focused on guiding visitors and residents alike around the city's famous cemeteries and City Park Museum.