Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO) invests in NEM Solutions technology

NEM Solutions, a leading company in the engineering maintenance sector, has announced an agreement with Saudi Railways Organisation for the installation of its SCLAR system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. NEM Solutions will equip a newly-built depot with the automated system that measures and records all wheel wear and wheel safety parameters as trains leave and enter the maintenance depot.

Using the latest technology in image recognition and processing, SCLAR measures each wheel parameter and associates it to the wheel by means of radio-frequency tagging (also known as near field communication). Unlike other trackside equipment, no major infrastructure work is required for installation.

Data captured by SCLAR is sent automatically to AURA wheel, the cloud-hosted maintenance portal, where information from all fleets are managed including wear rates, parameter history, profile evolution and estimated remaining operation time before wheel reprofiling or replacing is required.

SRO is extending its passenger rail transport network and is currently working in the construction of intercity high-speed lines as well the expansion of regional networks.

By investing in SCLAR and AURA wheel, SRO is focussed on optimising its maintenance effectiveness, reducing maintenance costs and generating valuable asset knowledge.

This project marks a breakthrough for NEM Solutions in the Middle Eastern market, and provides an opportunity to work closely with SRO and Al Mobty Contracting Company to optimise railway maintenance costs in Saudi Arabia. NEM Solutions seeks to continue growth in potential markets such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.