Avail Technologies, Inc.

Avail Technologies Welcomes Mark Krueger as Business Development Manager

Avail Technologies, Inc. announces Mark Krueger has joined Avail Technologies, Inc. as a business development manager. “Mark’s background in project management and direct responsibility for customer satisfaction makes him perfect to manage our partners, the customers,” says Avail President, Dorsey Houtz. “Mark understands of the industry and intimate knowledge of ITS technology is invaluable and we are lucky to have him on our team.”

Krueger’s role with Avail is to guide the marketing, branding, capturing of new business, and analysis of market strategic relationships and alliances with other, third-party companies. Krueger will also be building fresh market ideas and thrusts, identifying new prospective business hubs, and evaluating business opportunities for new products and ventures.

Krueger has worked with one of the largest CAD/AVL and fare vendors in the world. “Having worked in this industry and helped to shape the products that agencies use today has given me the knowledge to assist any customer with planning for their future and acquiring the right system for their needs. I am just happy I can be that person to help make a difference in transit. Avail is more than just a good technology company and systems integrator, Avail focuses from the beginning of the project so that the customers can see a return on investment by incorporating the ITS system into how they do business and we are there all the way,” says Krueger.