Marlene Connor and Jim McLaughlin Join Wendel’s Public Transportation Group

Wendel is pleased to announce that Marlene Connor and Jim McLaughlin have joined the firm to expand its public transportation management and planning services. Connor will serve as Wendel’s director of Public Transportation Planning.

Connor and McLaughlin will assist with integrating Wendel’s public transportation expertise into other areas of planning to offer a full service approach to the issues that affect communities. Most recently, McLaughlin and Connor have worked with customers to incorporate current planning concepts, such as livability and sustainability and mobility management into their plans.

Connor has over 30 years of experience in the public and private sector, including serving as the administrator of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority in Springfield, Mass. Since joining the private sector, she has led many comprehensive transit projects including statewide, regional, and local transit system analysis as well as operational, financial and organizational plans.

McLaughlin has 10 years experience in the private sector following public sector work for several agencies in the Los Angeles area, including LA DOT and the LA MTA. He has worked with Marlene on various transportation projects in many locales.