Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

DART survey shows DART Green Line makes trips easier

The Green Line is changing things for the better. According to a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) survey 85 percent of Green Line customers feel the new line is making their trips easier.

The Green Line survey performed in April 2011 reviewed service, safety and security, maintenance, operation, ridership trend, and communication. Results were compared with the 2010 system-wide customer satisfaction survey. In almost all areas Green Line customers were more satisfied showing general satisfaction at 96 percent and train timeliness at 95 percent. The 2011 system-wide customer survey will begin on Sept. 19.

The customer sense of safety and security was high with 91 percent feeling safe at the Green Line stations and 94 percent on board trains. It also showed respondents felt that Green Line customer support was 92 percent. Train cleanliness was 89 percent.

Respondents also identified two opportunities for improvement: bus timeliness was rated at only 67 percent, and bus-train schedule coordination for transfers was rated at 58 percent. DART is already working to address those issues. A number of schedule adjustments were implemented on Sept. 12 to respond to bus timeliness. More significant route and schedule adjustments to address transfer coordination are planned in the next round of major service changes in 2012.

The survey was distributed to 30,000 customers and generated 5,550 responses. A copy of the survey presentation made to the DART Board of Directors is available at DART.org