Cities Support a Clean Extension of the Surface Transportation Act

The National League of Cities supports the president's call today for a clean extension of the surface transportation act and the user fees that support our nation's transportation investments. The extension will prevent hundreds of thousands of workers from being forced off the job and keep much-needed infrastructure projects moving forward during this difficult economic period. While a short-term extension is necessary to prevent disruptions, the nation needs a long-term plan for investing in the nation's infrastructure and NLC urges Congress and the president to pass the full reauthorization during the term of the extension. A national commitment to infrastructure investment will employ hundreds of thousands of workers while improving the efficiency of the nation's transportation network.

Investments in infrastructure can be a key driver for future growth and lay a foundation that will allow the nation to compete in the global marketplace. It is imperative the nation has a clear path forward in recommitting the nation to public transit, high speed rail corridors and fixing the crumbling transportation network.

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