CHK America

CHK America Awarded Customer Information Design Project for 8,500 Bus Stops for 'America’s Transit System'

CHK America CEO, Rick Wood announced today that the company has
been awarded the customer information design, installation and maintenance contract for up to 8,500 bus stops for "America's Transit System," Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

The five-year contract calls for original designs using CHK's Spider Diagrams™ to be placed at WMATA's busiest bus stop locations. The customized designs will include stop specific schedule information and easy to read route schematics identifying where a customer is within the system, critical connection information, and clearly presented schedules. The customer information panels will be installed in new and existing hardware that is affixed to the bus stops poles currently within the system.

"The development of stop specific customer service information puts WMATA at the forefront of customer service in the United States and on par with the great transportation networks of Europe," commented Wood. "Europe has a reputation for easy-to-use and easy to understand public transportation. A fundamental reason for this, is the level of specific information that is provided at the stop. WMATA now joins that elite group with this effort."