Commuter Advertising

Greater Dayton RTA Has Launched Video Advertising On Board Buses

In addition to advertising via audio system, interior and exterior signage, the RTA launched a new form of advertising — video.

The GDRTA recently premiered video advertising just in time for the annual Dayton Air Show. An Express Shuttle service was provided from the U.S. Air Force Museum and the University of Dayton Arena. With the air conditioning pumping, 3,800 passenger trips were recorded for this year’s Air Show.

During their commute, riders were exposed to engaging messages on services and products from leading companies in the area and RTA. An exciting new medium, onboard videos provides businesses an opportunity to reach new markets while RTA officials are hopeful of increasing revenue to help support its service to customers.

"The advertising revenue is a small fraction of our total budget," said Mark Donaghy, RTA executive director. "However, it helps us to create incremental, non-fare-box revenue which is increasingly playing an important role in funding transit improvements.”

These advertisements played on board the air show express shuttle route exactly like the audio messages that are currently sold by Commuter Advertising. Commuter Advertising is a company that sells, creates, manages and tracks audio announcements that play on the inside of public transit systems. RTA is rolling out the video advertising program to its fleet of new fixed-route buses.  

Bottom line: "In addition to providing a venue for advertising, video advertising creates a new channel for RTA to communicate with its customers," Donaghy said.

Commuter Advertising, RTA’s transit advertising partner of record, now offers: Audio, print and video advertising in Dayton.