International Electronic Machines Corp.

International Electronic Machines sells Miniature Electronic Wheel Gauges to CSX Transportation

International Electronic Machines Corp., a leader in the development of safety and security solutions for the transportation industry, announces the sale of its new Miniature Electronic Wheel Gauges to CSX Transportation of Jacksonville, Fla. This Mini-EWG allows railroads to efficiently manage their wheel measurement requirements. Using the Mini-EWG, users can easily measure critical wheel metrics, including flange thickness, flange height, rim thickness and reference groove.

IEM’s original Electronic Wheel Gauge, released in 1987, is used by all Class I railroads in the United States and by major railroads around the world. The original Electronic Wheel Gauge remains the only electronic measurements tool certified for use in wheel measurement by the American Association of Railroads. The new Mini-EWG advances measurement technology and offers the following significant improvements.

  • Smaller Size. The Mini-EWG is notably smaller than the original gauge and comparable to the AAR standard wheel gauge. The small size allows one-handed use.
  • Light Weight. The Mini-EWG weighs less than two pounds making it easily portable in field use.
  • Integrated. The Mini-EWG has integrated the controller functions, sensor, keypad, and LCD screen within the gauge itself thereby eliminating a need to carry a separate controller tethered to the gauge by a cable.
  • User Defined Wheel Characteristics. The Mini-EWG allows the user to set up to three custom fields for wheel characteristics.
  • Versatile. The Mini-EWG can measure any rail-based wheels.
  • Wireless Data Transmission. Data can be uploaded for analysis by direct either Infrared or radio signals.

CSX Transportation plans to distribute the IEM gauges across numerous facilities.