Moz Designs' Eco-Friendly Blendz Wall Coverings Transform Dull into Dynamic

Móz Designs expands its line of eco-friendly metal wall coverings with Blendz, a dynamic series of color-rich aluminum panels that introduce a new aesthetic to dull walls and surfaces.

The Blendz panels are composed of 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content. Once the product’s design life has ended, Blendz panels can again be recycled for other applications.

Blendz decorative surfaces can be installed as laminates or specified as heavier-gauge pre-fabricated metal panels for walls, railings, ceilings, columns, elevators and many other architectural applications.

The full-range of Blendz color sequences are available in 14 hand-etched patterns with dramatic effects, including Thunder & Clouds, Seashell, Waterslide, Fog, Bamboo, Coral and Coarse. The multiple combinations of Blendz color sequences and patterns offer designers more than 300 different stylistic treatments.

Like all Móz metals, Móz Blendz wall coverings are:

  • Constructed from solid-core aluminum.
  • Shipped ready to install.
  • Include special protective finishes (gloss and satin options) for high traffic interiors and exteriors.

For more information or product samples, contact Móz Designs at 510.632.0853 or see Blendz under Móz Metals at