VENTECH Continues North American Expansion

Since its inception in Marl, Germany in 2006, Ventech has established itself in the commercial carrier, public transportation and automotive markets throughout Europe and is now making a similar impact in North America. With sky-rocketing fuel costs, tire costs and higher labor costs grabbing the attention of today’s transportation market, new efficiencies can now be realized with Ventech’s newly expanded line of Pneuscan technology-based products.

The latest members of the Pneuscan product family are Pneuscan Pro and Pneuscan DAT. By means of modern laser triangulation technology, Pneuscan Pro reads and analyzes the tread depth and wear patterns of all tires for cars, trucks, and buses in a matter of a few seconds. “Pneuscan Pro gives fleet managers a completely new look at tire wear with a degree of detail and speed that is an industry first,” said Alexander Pingel, vice president of operations.

With the addition of Pneuscan DAT, comprehensive tire pressure and tread analysis data is not only shown in a user-friendly manner on a display, but can also be sent immediately to a customer’s existing fleet management database for real-time exception reporting and trend analysis at the fleet, as well as specific vehicle levels.

These new products pair well with existing Pneuscan ATM and Pneuscan ID technologies, which measure tire pressure (psi) in each tire and combine appropriate data with each specific vehicle through infrared vehicle number identification. As with all Pneuscan technologies, there is nothing that needs to be added to the vehicle or tire, as is the case with other TPMS systems. All data reporting and tolerances can be easily customized to each user’s requirements.

All Pneuscan sensors are installed on or in the ground and are designed for drive-over use to eliminate annoying and time-consuming manual tire checks. In addition to lowering costs and increasing profitability, safety levels are positively impacted, as well. “Worn-out tires, or tires with low pressure often cause accidents and breakdowns,” said Ken Scheder, vice president of sales. “Through more frequent tire safety checks, Ventech believes that many of these unsafe situations can be easily avoided.”