Albis Technologies signals advanced gate access control with active RFID for restricted areas in retail

A new active RFID-based, stand-alone solution for ensuring sensitive and controlled areas, where access is strictly limited, are secured against unauthorized entry, has been launched by Albis Technologies, a leading international manufacturer and developer of innovative electronic products and solutions. 

Already being deployed in 2011 by a number of major German retailers, the ZOMOFI Gate Access Management System is signaling a new gateway for secure and efficient access operations. Albis Technologies’ Zone Monitoring & Find (ZOMOFI) Division has developed the innovative Gate Access Management solution, embracing active RFID technology, for particular ease of deployment in the retail and wholesale sector where doors and gates to warehouses, storage areas and stock rooms need to be rigidly controlled in terms of where, when and to whom access is granted. The solution allows this to be achieved without the need to present an access card directly to a reader. As the controller operates on variable distances of several meters, there are no waiting periods and restrictions can be prevented, optimizing the workflow of staff in terms of reliability and time.

Utilizing active RFID through a system of stand-alone RFID-enabled badges and readers also means there is no need to link up with PCs, servers or existing access control software. The ZOMOFI Z-Tag transponders are available in different versions — both for standard or ruggedized applications. As they are hands-free, portable devices, the badges can be worn in any form — as a bracelet or on a lanyard, or be carried as a card, either displayed or concealed in a pocket or bag. Whatever the chosen form factor, once in range of the reader, signals are instantly sent to the specially designed S3135-H110 Z-Controller reader for granting access. The system operates under a stand-alone "control and signal" transmission process where authorized personnel or vehicles are permitted passage. Anyone else is automatically flagged up as "access denied". The reading devices have a switching interface for controlling automatic doors and settings can be configured to suit the necessary access requirements. In addition, authorized personnel can be registered at multiple stations, with several hundred people or vehicles per station.

The ZOMOFI Gate Access Management System allows for a fully automated operation and integrates easily with existing automatic gates and doors without the requirement for any retrofit. In addition, the system has been designed as the fast and cost-effective option when replacing less secure or unreliable partially manually operated systems, such as paddle mechanisms, threshold controls or overhead suspension lines. And for gate and door manufacturers, the ZOMOFI solution provides a complete system for integration to suit manufacturers’ specific customer requirements.

Products within the ZOMOFI range for Gate Access Management include the Z-Tag S3135 transponders. The 2.45 GHz Active Tag supports high scale integration and drives efficient and long-life performance. The Z-Controller has simple, but practical electrical connectors for power, gate logic and antenna and can be separated from the antenna or installed as one unit.