Gulf Coast Public Fleet Drives Clean, Saves Money with Alliance AutoGas Program

A community leader in green initiatives, Coast Transit Authority (CTA) of Gulfport, Miss., has partnered with nationwide network Alliance AutoGas to convert a portion of their public fleet to clean-burning propane autogas. CTA has found that autogas is the most cost-efficient alternative fuel choice available, citing lower fuel prices, convenient onsite fueling and reduced maintenance needs.

CTA enlisted Alliance AutoGas to convert four Glaval buses to run on environmentally friendly, affordable autogas. The Alliance program has made shifting from gasoline to autogas easy by streamlining conversions, providing on-site fueling and ensuring CTA has the ongoing training and support they need for success.

"Going green is a big priority for Coast Transit Authority, and we feel government agencies should take the lead in introducing alternative fuels like autogas to the community," says executive director Kevin Coggin. "Autogas was a smart choice for our fleet because there was no up-front cost for the fueling infrastructure, and we benefit greatly from the reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel prices."

The U.S. supply of autogas is 90 percent made-in-America, so fleets powered by autogas help reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil. Autogas vehicle drivers save an average of $1 per gallon vs. gasoline and have lower maintenance costs overall since autogas has a higher octane rating and burns cleaner than gasoline. Autogas vehicles require less frequent oil changes, have increased engine life and exhibit comparable performance and reliability to gasoline-powered vehicles.

"Fleets across America are discovering the advantages of autogas, which is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world," says Alliance AutoGas president Stuart Weidie. "This affordable alternative fuel will continue to catch on with U.S. fleets like Coast Transit Authority as it empowers them to better serve their communities."

CTA is a non-profit provider of public transportation for the three coastal counties of Mississippi (Hancock, Harrison and Jackson). CTA's mission is to provide safe, dependable, clean and affordable public transportation. An independently managed public utility governed by a Board of Commissioners, it is the designated recipient of state and federal funding for urban transportation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Visit for more information.