Alexandria Transit Company (DASH)

DASH Welcomes New Transit Planning Manager

Alexandria Transit Company is proud to announce and welcome Raymond Mui as the new transit planning manager. Raymond is a recent graduate of Purdue University where he earned a degree in civil engineering.

Mui will be responsible for the development of a new, high frequency, express bus service between the King Street Metro and Mark Center, in anticipation of the opening of the BRAC-133 complex in August. He will also be responsible for the development of new DASH routes and improvements to the current service that will be the result of new multi-year transportation funding approved by the Alexandria city council this past May.

"I plan to work with the community, the city, and our bus operators as we begin updating our long range service plan and expanding the system to meet Alexandria's growing transportation needs," said Mui.

While attending Purdue, Mui worked at the Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation (CityBus), in the department of development and marketing. There, he was involved in route planning and scheduling, technology products, community meetings and worked closely with the bus operators to assist with improvements to the system.

Mui began his transit career when he was 16 years old and served on the Montgomery County Transit Advisory Group. At the end of his two-year term, Mui was hired as an intern in the department of planning and scheduling at Ride-On in 2006, where he gained experience in transit scheduling.