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TranSched Systems Awarded Contract for Fixed Route Scheduling Software at Brantford Transit

TranSched Systems announces that it has been awarded a contract by the Corporation of the City of Brantford in Brantford, Ontario, Canada to provide Sched21, their fixed route scheduling software solution.

Sched21 is a proven, non-proprietary, fully optimized Transit scheduling, Blocking, Runcutting and Rostering solution. Sched21 will automate the current manual scheduling practices at Brantford Transit. The automation of the current manual scheduling practices at Brantford Transit will provide major improvements to the scheduling and operational efficiencies of the system. Sched21 will help Brantford Transit meet their goals of saving both time and money while ensuring the best service for their passengers.

Says Elisabeth van der Made,t ransit operations manager at Brantford Transit "Brantford Transit is pleased to announce that we have purchased a state-of-the-art run-cutting and scheduling software system, Sched21, from TranSched Systems. This is an exciting time for Brantford Transit and we are proud to take this important step towards improving our transit service for the residents of Brantford. TranSched's runcutting/scheduling program will allow us to optimize the efficiency of the route and work schedules for our bus operators and buses thereby improving vehicle productivity, reducing fuel consumption and decreasing our environmental impact. We at Brantford Transit pride ourselves in being a progressive transit system responsive to the needs of the community. We are continually improving our service to meet or exceed the quality of service provided by transit systems in other similar-size municipalities. We are proud of our latest step for enhancing Brantford's public transit service."