CHK America

CHK America Provides Purpose-Built, Wayfinding Customer Information for “The Tide’s” 11 Rail Stations

Santa Barbara-based, CHK America announced that it has completed Tier 1 of a three-tiered customer information project for "The Tide", the state of Virginia's premier light rail system that will begin operations later this year.

The Tide, a service of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT), will travel 7.4 miles from the Eastern Virginia Medical Center through downtown Norfolk, and on to Newtown Road, stopping at 11 new rail stations along the route. CHK America's uniquely designed customer information panels and attractive, purpose-built fabricated hardware will be located on each platform for easy rider access. Each panel displays a full-color, wayfinding map for passengers departing The Tide to easily find their destination and other points of interest within walking distance from the station. The informative panels also provide important rider information including fares and The Tide's schedule. The integration of CHK's pedestrian-level, wayfinding solutions with HRT's new, high-frequency rail system truly provides a seamless transportation solution for passengers.

"Hampton Roads Transit recognizes the value of a system-wide, best practice, customer information strategy, which will promote their high value brand and provide outstanding connectivity solutions for their customers," states Rick Wood, president of CHK America. "We look forward to providing similar solutions for HRT's bus system this summer."

Tier 2 of the Hampton Roads Transit project places customer information panels at the agency's multiple transit
centers throughout the bus system. The third and final tier of the project will include customer information panels
installed at 3,300 HRT bus stops from Chesapeake, Hampton and Newport News, to Norfolk, Portsmouth,
Suffolk and Virginia Beach.