Kolimat USA DTW1.0

Kolimat USA, a New York-based company, released in January 2011 its first dual lens motion-activated video event data recorder meeting ISO 9000/9001, ISO 14000 international quality standards and EC rating bureau approval in Europe.

Windshield mounted, it can be used on any kind of motor vehicle — from the smallest sedan to the largest truck or bus. Its refined algorithms working with its tri-axel accelerometers assures precise triggered events that can be played back on its integrated LCD; its proprietary software for full analysis with vehicle location overlaid on a Google map or are exportable for full motion play back using other codecs. A more complete driving picture emerges from geo-data (DIT) captured by the recorder’s built-in GPS receiver — these files are captured continuously and independently of the triggered events.

The DTW1.0 is a secure device – power source protected (No additional hardware is required) – secure SD, WPA protected & TKIP encrypted 802.11 b/g WIFI transfer connection as well as USB downloading capabilities.

Other Notable Features:

  • No Monthly Fees for managed services - Camera is sold complete with software. User owns and manages software and event files.
  • Free Software & Firmware Updates
  • Ability to record consecutive events – no time gaps between events
  • Equipped with IR LEDs for low light visibility
  • Video file frame rate – 12.5 f/sec.
  • Length of video file: up to 20 sec. before and after the trigger
  • Event recording capacity: up to 50 events on any of 6 available event sources
  • Critical events cannot be overwritten
  • Ability to interface with other on-board technology and devices
  • Built-in power supply to allow completion of event recording in case power is severed.
  • Full color LCD on camera for –
    • Front & rear lens video stream and event playback (password protected for event playback)
    • Camera function diagnostics pages
    • Device set-up menu (password protected)