Simplify smart card personalization with new, unique programming technology from Datacard Group

Datacard Group today announced the availability of a new dual-interface smart card personalization module that simplifies the card issuance process and measurably improves operational efficiency. The new smart card module — available as an option for the Datacard MX6000 card issuance system — features fast, secure and productive personalization of contact, contactless and dual-interface smart cards in one module.

The module features an exclusive barrel design that includes up to 24 standard smart card programming heads and up to 12 heads for contactless and dual-interface cards. The additional smart card programming heads, along with a wide range of coupler choices, provide card issuers with a simplified personalization process and much greater flexibility in their operations.

"This innovative module design significantly improves both speed and overall operational efficiency," said Russell St. John, senior vice president of global marketing for Datacard Group. "It removes complexity from the smart card personalization process and allows issuers to get cards to market faster."

"The ability to personalize contact, contactless and dual-interface smart cards within a single, versatile module reduces costs and provides issuers more flexibility to personalize a variety of smart cards," St. John said.

In addition to more smart card programming heads, the module design separates the smart card couplers from the heads. Datacard Group offers a choice of five smart card couplers, allowing users to choose the technology that best matches the complexity of their cards and issuance volumes.

Like all Datacard MX6000 system modules, the new smart card module can be field installed in a matter of minutes. "Modularity is a Datacard hallmark," said St. John. "It provides strong, long-term investment protection to our customers."