WAGO Lever-Operated PCB Terminal Strips

WAGO Corp.’s new 2706 Series PCB Terminal Strips bring lever-operated terminations to compact electrical applications. 2706 Series’ inherently clear, tool-free operation eliminates specialty tools and torque specs required by traditional screw terminations. A UL/CSA 30A/300V rating and accommodation of conductors AWG 24–10 make 2706 ideal for inverters, power supplies and other field-wired applications.

Gain Leverage:

Ranging from two to 12 poles, 2706 Series provides a lever for each pole. Lifting each opens a Cage Clamp Spring Pressure unit that remains open for conveniently terminating multi-conductor cables into the terminal strip. Lowering the levers creates an audible click, signaling that the units are secured. 2706 Series resists thermal-, vibration- and current-induced loosening common to screw-style terminations, eliminating preventive maintenance.

Pin spacing ranges from 7.5mm, 10mm to 12.5mm — the 12.5mm variant achieves UL 600V certification. 2706 Series is available with jumper slots for potential commoning via optional comb-style jumper bars; additional accessories include test plugs and marker strips.