Kinkisharyo Demonstrates ameriTRAM, North America’s First Low-Floor Electro-Hybrid Streetcar, in Dallas

KINKISHARYO International L.L.C., a supplier of low-floor, light-rail vehicles in North America, demonstrated the ameriTRAM — its prototype of the 100 percent low-floor, electro-hybrid streetcar specifically designed for North America — in Dallas. At a special ceremony today, KINKISHARYO displayed and provided officials and invited guests rides in the ameriTRAM.

“We thank the city of Dallas and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit for allowing us to exhibit our ameriTRAM here. We also very much appreciate the city of Dallas’s courtesy of providing us this outstanding venue for us to introduce ameriTRAM to Texas,” said Rainer Hombach, vice president and general manager of KINKISHARYO International. 

ameriTRAM is a 100 percent low-floor streetcar powered by e-Brid, a propulsion technology that enables operation powered by overhead catenary or on-board lithium-ion batteries.  e-Brid™ charges the batteries while running on catenary power and when braking. In battery mode, e-Brid™ uses the stored electricity to operate at full performance without overhead wires. Depending on conditions, ameriTRAM can run on battery power for up to five miles.

The e-Brid propulsion system offers compelling advantages. Less electrification equipment and maintenance means that e-Brid saves municipalities millions of dollars in capital investment and operational costs, including $5 to $6 million for every mile of catenary avoided. Eliminating overhead catenary wires allows ameriTRAM to serve sensitive historic preservation areas, or where installing overhead wires is just not practical, such as under low bridges. Also, because e-Brid enables battery-powered operation for up to five miles, ameriTRAM delivers immediate savings through lower power consumption and also eliminates harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 

ameriTRAM was specifically engineered for North America and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Buy America, NFPA-130 and ASME RT-1. What’s more, ameriTRAM has a modular design allowing the length of the cars to be increased thereby increasing passenger capacity without increasing the total fleet size.

"Not only did we engineer ameriTRAM to comply with North American regulations and standards, we also integrated ideas from transportation officials and riders alike,” added Hombach. “ameriTRAM’s 100 percent low-floor, energy-efficient and cost effective design is uniquely engineered for North America’s sustainable cities.”