INIT, Innovations In Transportation Inc.

Gold Coast Transit Partners with INIT for Scheduling and Driver Management Software Solutions

Innovations in Transportation Inc. has recently signed a contract with Gold Coast Transit (GCT) to provide an advanced scheduling solution (MOBILE-Plan) for their fixed-route fleet. The contract calls for 12 workstation licenses and a Google Transit Export feature as well as a rostering, bidding and timekeeping software, (PERDIS) which will assist GCT to efficiently schedule and manage their 100-plus drivers.

INIT’s MOBILE-Plan will optimally design schedules, blocks and runs for GCT’s fixed-route fleet. Presently, GCT operates 39 vehicles with 100 drivers on 23 routes, but the agency expects to double its staff over the next 10 years and expand its fleet to 125 vehicles or more by 2021. With the new software from INIT, GCT will be able to utilize the flexible tools that will assist the scheduler in developing efficient tables and the powerful optization algorithm will provide cost saving schedules.

PERDIS is an advanced roster, bid-dispatch and timekeeping system that accommodates work and vacation selections, work assignments, absences, timekeeping and payroll. Its ease of use and ability to configure software without customization eases dispatcher workloads and also conforms seamlessly to business rules and practices. With an interface to the present payroll system, PERDIS will enable GCT to seamlessly manage employees while they increase their operational efficiency as their expected growth over the coming years unfolds.

Besides the high standards of the INIT system, an important fact for GCT is that the INIT software utilizes a non-proprietary database with standardized interfaces making it easy to transfer data to or from other existing systems. The “go live” dates for the new software are expected sometime in summer of 2011.