Wi-Tronix Enters the Water

Wi-Tronix®, LLC announced today that Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) has deployed Wi-Tronix suite of remote monitoring solutions on two of its ferry’s (Flying Cloud and Lightning). The Wi-Tronix system provides MBTA with ready access to on-board data, increased asset utilization, fuel conservation monitoring and improved fleet productivity.

Wi-Tronix Wi-PU with Cellular capabilities will be applied across to the two vessels. The Wi-Tronix system will enable MBTA to provide higher levels of customer service. Wi-Tronix will enable MBTA to track on time performance with automated arrival and departure alerts, location and refuel reports. The Wi-Tronix system also enables operational awareness with automated and on-demand wireless download of video data. The Wi-PU’s software solution, seamlessly integrates all vessel data into Wi-Tronix back office for MBTA to view.

MBTA leadership will use Wi-Tronix Wi-Tracker™ to maximize asset utilization, monitor arrival and departure times along with remote health monitoring of the LDVR. Wi-Tracker suite of tools allows MBTA to utilize Wi-Tronix vast Geo Fence capabilities to monitor dock station arrival and departure times. Additionally, MBTA will benefit from automatic monitoring of the digital video recorder health and operating status. Wi-Tronix array of mobile asset management tools, proven integration experience and customer service is being deployed to support MBTA business objectives aimed at monitoring on-time arrival and departures, increasing fuel savings and maximizing productivity

Wi-Tronix is providing MBTA with a complete end to end solution including everything from onboard Wireless Processing Units (Wi-PU’s), installation services, to turnkey back office hosting.