NTSB's Safety Recommendations Database Back Online

The NTSB is pleased to inform the industry that Web access to the NTSB Safety Recommendations database has been restored. You may access it at http://www.ntsb.gov/safetyrecs/private/QueryPage.aspx. Although the appearance of the interface has changed little, the data have been audited and verified and a few other non-visible changes have been made to improve the accuracy of information presented.

In addition, the administrative processes has been changed to ensure timelier updating. Safety Recommendations correspondence will normally be entered within 1 to 2 business days of its receipt by the NTSB. When the correspondence represents the addressee's initial response to the Recommendation, the record will be updated at that time to reflect the status of "Initial Response Received," rather than "Awaiting Response." The only exception would be in the case of a brief response that merely acknowledges receipt of the recommendation(s) and advises that a substantive response will be forthcoming. Similarly, the NTSB's replies should be entered within days of their issuance by the NTSB.

As the NTSB continues to work toward its goal of digital transmission of correspondence, we anticipate that it will yield further improvements in efficiency and in the accuracy of information contained in our database. The NTSB encourages you to use our electronic mailbox, correspondence@ntsb.gov, when responding to a Safety Recommendation. Any digital format (PDF, DOC) is preferred. If you provide an electronic address for replies in your response, the NTSB will respond in kind.

The NTSB requests all railroad transit agencies, commuter rail, and related associations to search the safety recommendation database for open status recommendations and provide to the NTSB an update on each recommendation. The NTSB hopes you find access to our database helpful — but should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Patrick Sullivan, Railroad Safety Specialist at patrick.sullivan@ntsb.gov, or our database administrator, Catherine Janis, at catherine.janis@ntsb.gov.

Safety Recommendations Database Facts:

  • 13,450 total safety recommendations
  • 2,156 railroad and transit recommendations
  • 239 "open" status railroad/transit, government agency, and association recommendations