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VIA President Recognized for Diversity Efforts

The Diversity Council promotes understanding of the value of diversity as a key component of the workplace, and the Champions of Diversity Award recognizes top executives in the state for their efforts and commitment to diversity and inclusion. The award was presented to Parker at the council’s conference in Dallas on April 7.


“I am honored to be chosen for this award,” said Parker. “I think that CEOs set the tone for such important concepts as diversity in the workplace, and true champions of diversity serve as examples for the entire company. It’s up to the CEO to embody the principles of diversity in hiring, promoting, recruiting, and retaining employees of all backgrounds. In this way we can guarantee that every opportunity for advancement and success at VIA is available to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.”


VIA’s diversity commitment is to recognize the contributions and achievements of the employee workforce to its culture; to increase awareness, mutual respect, and understanding among all employees; and to develop a more in-depth appreciation for the diverse workforce at VIA and the San Antonio community through involvement and education.