NV: Las Vegas Railway Express Inc. Adds New COO, Rail Operations

The X Train, the luxury passenger train with planned rail service between Southern CA and Las Vegas, announced the appointment of Jim Wilson, chief operations officer - Rail Operations.

Wilson comes to the X Train team bringing more than 30 years of expertise in rail operations. His leadership in transportation, logistics, operations management, planning and overall business and performance improvement make him the best choice for overseeing Rail Operations for the company.

"Jim is exactly the right person for this position," says Michael Barron, president/CEO of Las Vegas Railway Express. "He is a strong and experienced leader with exactly the right priorities in rail operations to ensure excellence in our customer service."

Wilson has led all aspects of rail operations including train dispatching, service planning, locomotive and rolling stock allocation, terminal and network productivity, crew and fuel budgeting, mechanical service coordination, engineering operations planning, emergency preparedness, and integration of marketing requirements and pricing with operational capability for a $5 billion North American freight network. Wilson led to the consolidation of four regional train dispatching centers into one system operations center, integrating operations and coordination with customer service.

"I will be working with everybody in the organization to provide the best luxury service possible for our customers," says Jim Wilson. "We are looking forward to our customers coming and being part of the journey with us."

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