UK: Passengers in New Rail Travel Strife

Rail passengers were caught up in further delays yesterday after a third day of industrial action by train drivers.

Members of the driver's union Aslef are in a dispute over pensions with East Midlands Trains and held two 24-hour walkouts last week.

East Midlands Trains yesterday would not give exact details of the routes affected. But passengers said there was a vastly reduced service, with only two trains running from Leicester to London yesterday morning, at 8.30am and 10.30am.

Jennie Wolmesly, 40, from Clarendon Park, Leicester, was travelling to London for a meeting.

She said: "It was a bit of a journey from hell. I had to pay much more for my ticket to travel in peak time because there was a reduced service and then there were no seats for loads of us."

Gary Caldwell, 47, from Cosby, also travelled down to London.

He said: "It would be fair to say most people sitting near me were having a good grumble about the strike."

Union members are planning two more strikes, on May 15 and 17. Officials will meet with the train company tomorrow to discuss the pensions row.

Aslef says the company is proposing to reduce its pension scheme contributions.

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