Rapid Transit Link Between Singapore and Malaysia by 2018 Announced

Singapore: According to a joint statement issued by the governments of Singapore and Malaysia, a rapid transit link between the city-state and the neighboring Malaysian city of Johor Bahru will be opened by the year 2018. The link will terminate near JB Sentral across the Causeway and near the Republic Polytechnic on this side, the statement informed.

The release added that the RTS link would have customs, immigration and quarantine facilities both here and in the CIQ facility in Johor Bahru in order to facilitate commuters at clearing immigration only once for traveling both ways. The two countries today officially signed the Points of Agreement (POA) on Malayan railway land in Singapore at a ceremony in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Singapore was represented by Foreign Minister K Shanmugam while Malaysia fielded its representative in the form of the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Nor Mohamed Yakcop. The ceremony also signaled the conclusion of a year-old round of talks on implementation nuances that had begun when the premiers of the two countries announced the breakthrough on the POA last May.

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