China's to Set Floating Prices for High-Speed Train Tickets

The Ministry of Railways will publish a new national train schedule on July 1, which will add 195 routes and implement floating ticket prices for the China Railway High-Speed (CRH), China Daily reported, citing the Beijing Youth Daily on Thursday.

The new schedule will allow high speed trains running at different speeds to operate on the same CRH lines, and ticket prices will be lower for passengers who choose lower-speed trains on those lines.For example, some trains can run at 200-250 kilometers per hour (km/h) or 300 km/h will run on rail lines designed for the maximum speed, while ordinary-speed trains and freight trains will run on lines designed for below 200 km/h, the newspaper said.

The ministry reported that the new schedule will include a diagram of 2,129 routes, incorporating the 195 new routes that will be capable of carrying 351,000 more passengers.

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