Calls for Mobility Scooter Rules After Train Fatality in Brisbane



There are calls for state governments to address emerging safety issues with mobility scooters after a woman died when her scooter collided with a train in Brisbane yesterday.

Last month a man drowned when his scooter ran into a swollen creek on the central Queensland coast.

An increasing number of older Australians are turning to mobility scooters when walking or driving becomes difficult.

Mark Tucker-Evans, from the Council on the Ageing, says that is creating new road safety issues that governments need to address.

"We would be encouraging all state governments to take this up," he said.

"We're very keen that operators of mobility scooters are properly trained."

Val French, from the group Older People Speak Out, says scooters are increasingly becoming the transport of choice for the elderly because they help them to stay active.

"Otherwise you've got problems with social isolation and all the physical problems that seem to get linked with it," she said.

"We need to look at the safety issues and make sure there are compulsory things that can be put in place."

Both groups say they want scooter use to continue with more education and awareness.